Praise for White Gold

"Garvey’s meticulously detailed account is also equally colorful and reminiscent of place and time in telling a story that helped to shape not only Panama but also the world.  ...   A riff on the interplay of capitalism, colonialism, racism, and classism;White Gold is an entertaining and educational sojourn to a time and place that changed history and the people who helped to do it."

Carol Taylor, African American Literature Book Club, Dec. 2014

"White Gold is an extremely well researched and well written historical novel ... It reads like a movie script stirring your emotions to feel exactly what each and every one of the characters of the book felt. I predict that those of you who are not history buffs already will become fans of this genre after reading White Gold.

Lydia M. Reid, The Silver People Heritage FoundationDec. 2014



Praise for Panama Fever:  Digging Down Gold Mountain

 "Wickedly imaginative! ... Told with an equal amount of suspense and humour, the author created characters who are interesting and memorable. Panama Fever is a gift from Garvey, a relative of national hero Marcus Garvey, and a classically trained violinist. It is a story of friendship, betrayal, greed, tragedy, human suffering and frailties, and hope, set among one of the greatest engineering undertakings of all time.

Paul H. Williams, The Jamaica Gleaner, April 4, 2010

"Love pushes people through life, but that's not the sole thing that drives them. ... Riveting reading, 'Panama Fever' is an excellent story that should be strongly considered."

Midwest Book Review: Small Press Bookwatch, Nov. 2009

"The novel takes you through earthquakes, mudslides, a revolution, plagues, and the burning and sacking of the City of Colon in rather quick succession. The writing style is rich and the backdrop lushly exotic as the wild, beautiful and very often hostile tropical setting of the Panama of the 1880's is brought to life by W.B. Garvey's skillful pen. . . . This is definitely quality fiction at its best - a breath of fresh air."

Lydia M. Reid, The Silver People Heritage Foundation

"With a sentence, Garvey has the ability to set an intense emotional mood ... Garvey's novel is not just accurate and moving historical fiction. Panama Fever is a humanitarian piece of art."

Christina Hall,

 "A finely orchestrated work that combines meticulous research into the history of the building of the Panama Canal, with stories of the courageous West Indian men and women who labored to build it. W.B. Garvey has created a vivid and moving testament to some of history's unsung heroes and heroines."

Lorna Goodison, author of "From Harvey River" and " Tamarind Season"

 "Reading Panama Fever, I was transported within a few pages to a different place and time, which is what good fiction does."

Rupert Lewis, historian, author and Caribbean scholar

 "RAW Rating: 5.0 (out of 5). Panama Fever was a history lesson, love story, and tragedy all rolled into one.

Toni Bonita,

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